A visit from the Family Bank staff

On Saturday 9th January, the staff of the local branch of the Family Bank came to visit the children bearing gifts of maize, rice, rice, oil, biscuits and sodas. This was rather unexpected but greatly appreciated. The staff spent 3 hours with the children, singing and dancing and generally getting to know them. They were a little dismayed by the state of their clothing and apparently there were talks of collections to be organised from amongst their families and friends. This was a great show of support for Mamboleo. It all happened following the making of a documentary by Baraka Karama of KBC News regarding the lack of funding being received by needy community groups despite money being made available by the central government to county governments. Baraka is a member of the Mamboleo registered CBO and for the purpose of his documentary, he interviewed Jeconia. As a result, the staff of the Family Bank contacted Baraka as they wanted to know about these groups in need. They felt that they should themselves do something to help those less fortunate than them. No doubt, in Kisumu, there are more groups in need than you can throw a stick at, but since they asked, Baraka put Mamboleo forward of course. Before committing their contribution, they, wisely, did a little research and in particular contacted the local chief who gave Mamboleo a glowing report. We are hopeful that more support will come from time to time to relieve us from providing all the funding but in the meantime, we are in great need of funding to get all the kids back to school. So if you can help, please consider making a donation today. Thank you.

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