We’re going bananas!

Quite the opposite actually. We are not mad, but forward thinking instead. During the last school holiday we roped the children into their first sustainability and learning skills project. Under the supervision and guidance of the local ministry of agriculture’s farming advisory project, the children have completed the first stage of their own banana growing project. They have dug holes, filled them with manure and planted a suitable variety of banana seedlings. We heard from Titus, the brother of a friend of Ahmed who works as an agricultural researcher, that he has been growing this new type of bananas himself and been very successful with it. So fingers crossed in 4 month time the children should start enjoying the fruit of their labour and there after every 6 to 8 weeks for about 3 years. A second lot of seedlings will be added in during the next holiday to stagger the fruit season. We hope to grow enough to have plenty to sell too to help pay the bills. To make the project a success, the secondary school youngsters were told to pick younger mates from amongst the other children to look after their patch while they are away at boarding schools or busy with homework. They will be watering, weeding and watching for pests. A good project for them all to learn some essential skills and to see what can come out of effort and teamwork. They are looking at growing some spinach and other suitable greens too to make good use of all that rich soil that has been brought in and our benevolent helpers are due back soon to advise again. Thanks again to Ahmed for funding this. With more funds, we could do so much more.

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