Sec Sch term 1 reports

In Kenya’s education system, there are no end to exams of sort. You sometime wonder if teachers have time to teach. But for us it means getting an insight into how the children have settled in academically. Below is a recap of the grades they are at and position within the class and form. The reports of the children still needing sponsorship can be seen in the gallery below. It looks like our 2 girls at Migingo are mixing with talented girls, as a B- for Jane makes her only 43rd out of her class of 55. But see where our Beryl is, with an A and at 9th place out of her class of 56. She has had a great start and she surely deserves a kind sponsor to see her through the rest of her education. This goes too for Jane, our lads at Ogada, Joyce and the rest of the gang who, of course have a harder time in schools where resources and intake grade levels are lower.


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