KCPE exam results are out and it’s all good news

Our 4 youngsters have got their Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exams results. The pass mark is 250 and Maveline scored 305, Don Carlos 296, Vavoline 271 and Maren 261. They certainly made us proud, achieving results similar to the best ones of the crop of 2015. Last year Beryl scored 313 and is currently 2nd out of 56 in her class at a secondary school. Hillary and Randy achieved 295 and 294 and are 2nd and 3rd in their class of 51, while Brenda who scored 259 is 13th out of 63.  Not surprisingly they have all been offered a place at a secondary school. Maveline is off to St Theresa’s girl school, Don Carlos to Chulaimbo Boys Sec School, Maren to Bishop Okoth School and Vavoline to Obwollo Sec School. Here is Maveline about to set off with all her kit.

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