On 22nd May 2016, the Baker family took on 2 different but exciting challenges. Mum Nicky ran 12 miles in waist deep mud, over fences, through icy water and dodging electric shocks while siblings Emily, Ollie and Joe did much the same but on a one mile course. The family took part in a Tougher Mudder challenge at Belvoir Castle. They challenged themselves in aid of the children and we are very grateful. You can still support their great effort with a donation on their fundraising page. Thank you. Fancy having a go?

logoWe are 16-20 kilometers of mud and obstacles built to test your mental grit, camaraderie and all-around physical fitness. We are a team-oriented challenge with no winner, no finisher medal, no clock to race against—just an ice cold drink and a few good scrapes from a day spent outside and free from everyday bullshit. We are for anyone who has ever followed their gut, tried to defy gravity, chosen “dare” over “truth,” taken risks, sought thrills, or is generally awesome at life.