Food is our biggest expense as we feed breakfast, lunch and dinner to all 26 children and the staff. Many of our children are boys in their early teens who try to “eat us out of house and home”. But we know that good food does not only help with their growth and studies but it also protects them from illness.

Meals are nutritious, if not tasty by our standards and include plenty of ugali, a staple food made of maize flour that all Kenyans love. They include omena (a kind of small sardine) and goat, beef or chicken once or twice a week; plus eggs, rice, beans, green grams, sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes, fruit and plenty of kale. Breakfast porridge is sometimes replaced with chapatis, simply because they love them.

We need to raise about 20,000 kes per week to feed everyone. That’s roughly 50p per person per day.
We struggle to meet this need consistently. Please could you help us with a regular donation? No amount is too small and your gift can be increased by 25% with Gift Aid. Thank you.

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