We can guarantee that 100% of your gift will be used to care for the children. All the UK expenses and the Kenyan rent are covered by the Trustees but we need help to cover all the other expenses. The kind that we all face daily raising our families; food, hygiene items, school fees and uniforms, clothes and occasionally a treat to a museum or a local park. Plus, of course we need funds to start projects that will provide an income to the home and build up the skills of the community. If you can help us, you will really be making a difference.

Bt MyDonate is a free online platform for one off and regular donations using a debit or credit card.
If you would like to pay direct into our bank or set up a standing order, please get in touch. Following several fraudulent attempts to set up direct debits on our account, we no longer display our bank details.

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At least they are not asking for designer trainers and the latest fashion. £15 can get a complete new set of clothing for a child
Between £200 and £450 for the year depending on the school the youngster is allocated to. We have full details on our sponsor an education page under how you can help.
We have a lot of girls now menstruating and we like to keep the children and their environment clean and healthy.
Our weekly food bill is around £155 when they are all at home and every little helps. A regular donation is a fantastic way to help us put food on the table day after day.